Radoje Domanovic

Domanović, Radoje


Born Feb. 4, 1873, in Ovsishte; died Aug. 4, 1908, in Belgrade. Serbian writer. Participant in the struggle of the democratic intelligentsia against the absolutism of the Obrenovič dynasty.

A great Serbian satirist, Domanović in the stories and novellas “I Don’t Understand!” (1898), “The Mark” (1899), and “Stradia” (1902) and in numerous pamphlets ridiculed absolute power, the church hierarchy, and the bourgeois par-ties and exposed the pseudopatriotism of the bourgeoisie and the psychology of the petite bourgeoisie. Making use of the fantastic grotesque and caricatures, Domanović created important artistic types.


In Russian translation:
Povesti i rasskazy. (Preface by M. Bogdanov.) Moscow, 1956.
“Stradiia.” Moscow, 1957.


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52) In her satire "Zasto greh napreduje," which was published in Sadasnjost in 1892, before the well-known Serbian male satirist Radoje Domanovic published his first work of that genre (1898), Gavrilovic sent an anonymous Serbian male writer to heaven to ask St.
Since 1891, this sculptural tradition has not been interrupted, so there are monuments dedicated to the artists and prominent figures in Serbian history, such as: Jovan Skerlic, Dura Jaksic, Radoje Domanovic, Bora Stankovic, Milos Cmjanski, Milos N.
Radoje Domanovic is the best satirist in all Serbian literature.