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a city and administrative center of Rado-myshl’ Raion, Zhitomir Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Situated on the Teterev River, a right tributary of the Dnieper, 30 km from the Irsha railroad station on the Kiev-Korosten’ line. Population, 15,100 (1975). Radomyshl’ has machine-building plants that manufacture trailer trains for hauling timber and cars for carrying wood chips. It also has a brickyard, a cannery, a butter factory, a starch factory, a mixed-feed plant, a brewery, a furniture factory, and a factory that manufactures products made of Kapron (nylon 6).

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high solar activity, to implement a demonstration project in Radomyshl Psychoneurological Facility.
Project Description: The main mission of the project is to combat climate change and demonstrate the methods of energy consumption optimization and reduction in Radomyshl of Rivne region.
Project Description: Lutivka village which is located in Radomyshl district in the center of Zhytomyr region, has all the prerequisites for the development of eco-tourism to address the environmental and socio-economic problems in the community by introducing energy efficient technologies in the Information Center for Eco-tourism with educational and practical focus on eco-tourism in the region.
Project Implementing Partners: local women and households, village secondary schools, the village councils of Malyn, Korostyshyv and Radomyshl districts, Malyn state rayon administration, the Radomyshl education rayon department, National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, State Ecological Academy, NGOs, Civil Society Advisory Council under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources
Project Description: The project is aimed to increase environmental education and ecological awareness on climate change issues among schoolchildren by establishing Ecological Information Centre in Radomyshl gymnasium of Zhytomyr region.