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a city and administrative center of Rado-myshl’ Raion, Zhitomir Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Situated on the Teterev River, a right tributary of the Dnieper, 30 km from the Irsha railroad station on the Kiev-Korosten’ line. Population, 15,100 (1975). Radomyshl’ has machine-building plants that manufacture trailer trains for hauling timber and cars for carrying wood chips. It also has a brickyard, a cannery, a butter factory, a starch factory, a mixed-feed plant, a brewery, a furniture factory, and a factory that manufactures products made of Kapron (nylon 6).

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Tenders are invited for major partial repair of the street vokzalnaya from the street of petr zhudra in the direction of the street mala zhytomyrska of the town of radomyshl, radomyshl district of zhytomyr region
Address : Ukraine The City Of Radomyshl 12201 Zhytomyr Region Soborniy Maydan Bud.12 Natalia Lisovska
high solar activity, to implement a demonstration project in Radomyshl Psychoneurological Facility.
Project Description: The main mission of the project is to combat climate change and demonstrate the methods of energy consumption optimization and reduction in Radomyshl of Rivne region.
Project Description: Lutivka village which is located in Radomyshl district in the center of Zhytomyr region, has all the prerequisites for the development of eco-tourism to address the environmental and socio-economic problems in the community by introducing energy efficient technologies in the Information Center for Eco-tourism with educational and practical focus on eco-tourism in the region.
Project Implementing Partners: local women and households, village secondary schools, the village councils of Malyn, Korostyshyv and Radomyshl districts, Malyn state rayon administration, the Radomyshl education rayon department, National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, State Ecological Academy, NGOs, Civil Society Advisory Council under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources
Project Description: The project is aimed to increase environmental education and ecological awareness on climate change issues among schoolchildren by establishing Ecological Information Centre in Radomyshl gymnasium of Zhytomyr region.