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an old Russian city that was situated north of Moscow on the site of what is now the village of Gorodok, Zagorsk Raion, Moscow Oblast. The remains of Radonezh are located on a high cape formed by a loop of the Pazhi River. Traces of earthern walls and of a moat have been preserved.

Known from the first half of the 14th century, Radonezh was a possession of the Serpukhov and Borovsk appanage princes and of the Muscovite grand princes. Sergii of Radonezh founded the Troitsa-Sergieva Laura north of Radonezh. The monastery’s economic and political importance adversely affected the development of Radonezh. In the late 15th and the 16th century, the city declined; it later became a village.


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Typical of this is a recent article "In Praise of Proselytism" in the newspaper Radonezh which, though founded with a patriarchal blessing, is not an official mouthpiece of the Church and has been increasingly coloured by fundamentalist attitudes.