Radu Boureanu

Boureanu, Radu


Born Mar. 9, 1906, in Bucharest. Rumanian poet.

Boureanu’s collection of poems White Flight (1932) is devoted to the life of fishermen and the landscapes of the Danube. His later collections are full of romantic outbursts about the future. In 1948 he published a book of anticolonial poems, The Blood of Peoples. The collections Other Poems (1954), New Poems (1957), and Poems (1961) are devoted to the construction of socialist life. Boureanu is the author of the plays Wolves (1951) and The Bennet Affair (1954, with H. Deleanu), and the dramatic poem Village Without Love (1966).


Umbra stelelor. Bucharest, 1957.
In Russian translation:
“Stikhi.” In Antologia rumynskoi poezii. Moscow, 1958.