Rafael Maroto

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Rafael Maroto
BirthplaceLorca, Spain

Maroto, Rafael


Born 1783, in Lorca, Murcia Province; died 1847. General; one of the leaders of the Carlists in Spain.

In 1838, Maroto was appointed commander in chief of the Carlist forces. He advocated a compromise solution to the question of the succession to the throne, a stand that roused the court camarilla of the pretender to the throne, Don Carlos, against Maroto. In early 1839, after securing the support of the army (in spite of Don Carlos, who attempted to declare him a traitor), Maroto entered into negotiations with General B. Espartero, the commander of Isabel IPs troops. He signed a peace treaty at Vergara on Aug. 31, 1839. Maroto died in Chile.