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The best-known trisaccharide (oligosaccharide), widely distributed in higher plants. The best-known sources are cottonseed meal and the manna of Eucalyptus. It is also known as melitose, melitriose, gossypose, and O-α- d -galactopyranosyl-(1→6)-O-α- d -glucopyranosyl-(1→2)-β- d -fructofuranoside. See Oligosaccharide

Complete acid hydrolysis gives 1 mole each of d -galactose, d -glucose, and d -fructose. In structure, it comprises melibiose and sucrose with the central d -glucose in common. See Fructose, Galactose, Glucose

Raffinose can be hydrolyzed by enzymes in two ways. Invertase (β- d -fructofuranoside) hydrolyzes the sucrose part of the molecule to give melibiose and d -fructose. Almond emulsin, which contains an α- d -galactosidase, hydrolyzes the melibiose residue to yield d -galactose and sucrose.

Raffinose was found to be enzymically synthesized in plants from uridine diphosphate d -galactose and sucrose by an enzyme which transfers the d -galactose moiety of this sugar nucleotide to sucrose, resulting in the formation of raffinose.



a nonreducing trisaccharide composed of residues of D-galactose, D-glucose, and D-fructose. Raffinose is a colorless water-soluble substance with melting points of 80°C (pentahydrate) and 119°–120°C (anhydrous). It is one of the most widely distributed stored carbohydrates in plants (sugar beet, cottonseed meal, Australian manna). The enzyme a-galactosidase splits raffinose into galactose and the disacchar-ide saccharose, and invertase splits it into fructose and melibiose.


C18H32O16·5H2O A white, crystalline trisaccharide found in sugarbeets, cottonseed meal, and molasses; yields glucose, fructose, and galactose on complete hydrolysis. Also known as gossypose; melitose; melitriose.
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such as onions, leeks, asparagus, and artichokes; wheat products that contain fructan, such as breads and pasta; foods that contain sorbitol, such as stone fruits; and foods that contain raffinose, such as legumes, lentils, cabbage, and brussels sprouts.
The following biochemical tests were performed on the isolates displaying pyrrolidonyl-arylamidase activity: mannitol, arabinose, sorbitol, raffinose, lactose, and sucrose carbohydrate fermentation tests; arginine deamination; acidification of methyl-[alpha]-D-glucopyranoside; pyruvate utilization; and isolate pigmentation.
But if you produce more than your fair share of wind, then follow our guide to reducing the volume:BREAD: Wheat contains a carbohydrate called raffinose which can cause gas.
Other research is addressing the development of seed varieties with reduced or eliminated antinutritional factors, such as trypsin inhibitors, or reduction in phytates that can interfere with human mineral absorption, or the carbohydrates stachyose and raffinose, which are responsible for gas and flatulence in sensitive individuals following ingestion of soy or other legumes.
The applicant company compared Roundup Ready soybeans to ordinary soybeans for moisture, fibre, ash, protein, amino acids, fatty acids, seed storage, trypsin inhibitor, lectin, isoflavone, raffinose and stachyose.
The chemical step for preparing Hemolink[TM] involves a reductive alkylation reaction between aldehydes of the oxidized trisaccharide raffinose and certain of the amino groups of highly purified human hemoglobin.
After purification, the free hemoglobin is cross-linked with oxidized raffinose, a sugar molecule.
Soybeans produce a class of complex carbohydrates known as raffinose sugars that are largely indigestible by humans and animals," says Kuo.
The report focuses on eleven commercial categories of functional oligosaccharides in China, including isomalto-oligosaccharide, fructo-oligosaccharide, xylo-oligosaccharide, galacto oligosaccharide, stachyose, raffinose, soy-oligosaccharide, isomaltulose, chitosan-oligosaccharide, trehalose, and malto-oligosaccharide.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Item Potassium phosphate dibasic 500G, Dried yeast extract 500G, Tween 80 500ml, Peptone powder 500G, Trichloro acetic acid 100G, midoblack 25G, Acetic acid 500M,L Mueller hinton agar 500G, Dextrose 50 discs per vial Vial, Maltose 50 discs per vial Vial, Sucrose 50 discs per vial Vial, Lactose 50 discs per vial Vial, Galactose 50 discs per vial Vial, Melibiose ,50 discs per vial Vial, Cellobiose 50 discs per vial Vial, Inositol 50 discs per vial Vial, Xylose50 discs per vial Vial, Raffinose 50 discs per vial Vial etc.
Representative colonies with morphological characteristics of MS were counted, isolated and biochemically confirmed to be MS utilizing mannitol, sorbitol, lactose, raffinose, melibiose and esculin.