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(building construction)
A roof-supporting member immediately beneath the roofing material.


One of a series of inclined members that support the sheathing to which a roof covering is fixed.

hip rafter

A rafter located at the junction of the sloping sides of a hip roof.

jack rafter

Any rafter shorter than the full length of the sloping roof, such as one beginning or ending at a hip or valley.

valley rafter

In a roof framing system, the rafter in the line of the valley; connects the ridge to the wall plate along the meeting line of two inclined sides of a roof that are perpendicular to each other.


One of a series of inclined structural members from the ridge of the roof down to the eaves, providing support for the covering of a roof. For special types of rafters, see beveled rafter, binding rafter, common rafter, compass rafter, compound rafter, fly rafter, hip rafter, jack rafter, knee rafter, notched rafter, principal rafter, valley rafter.
References in classic literature ?
Then he came back again, and perching on a projecting rafter spoke to me with human voice, and told me to leave off crying.
I hewed the main timbers six inches square, most of the studs on two sides only, and the rafters and floor timbers on one side, leaving the rest of the bark on, so that they were just as straight and much stronger than sawed ones.
The upright posts, which support the rafters, must be at least 2.4m tall to allow for people walking underneath.
1.30 m, An escape balcony is attached to the projecting rafters on site: - approx.
Determine how many wall-rafter assemblies you need, and cut the wall studs and rafters as shown in the illustration on Page 59.
The New River splits into two distinct sections, creating adventures suitable for every level of rafter. The Upper New River is a playful introduction to rafting - making it a great option for families or new rafters (ages 6 and up).
ARMED police last night arrested a man at a supermarket after a suspected shoplifter had gone up to the store's rafters.
NOW that peace reigns between feuding anglers, rafters and canoeists on the Upper Tay, those who fish the prime middle and lower beats are hoping the goodwill will spread.
Rafters can float and fishermen can wade in rivers that flow through private land so long as they enter from public property.
Melbourne, Sep 25 (ANI): An Aussie sexual health physician has credited the producers of the show 'Packed to the Rafters' for bringing sex into the mainstream by airing risque sexual material on TV.
Unlike with standard walls, the tie plate on the front and back walls must be beveled to provide a flat spot for the I-joist rafters to rest on.
SPRINGFIELD - The Lane County Sheriff's marine patrol and search and rescue, along with McKenzie Fire boats, plucked seven rafters from an island in the McKenzie River after their two rafts became entangled in a snag below Bellinger Landing Wednesday evening.