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see RagesRages
or Rhagae
, ancient and medieval city of Persia, located on the site of modern-day Ray, N Iran, a suburb of Tehran. Rages is mentioned in the Avesta and in the inscriptions at Behistun.
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The explosion in April left four suspects dead, and injured Ragae. The official narrative after preliminary inspection of the site indicated the individuals killed themselves by accident while they were planting the explosive device.
Gordon Rohlehr, a Professor of West Indian literature at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad, writes that the "history of the Calypso is that of urbanization, immigration, and black reconstruction in post-Emancipation Trinidad." (14) Calypso and ragae bridge the diverse cultures of the Caribbean.
Con todo, hay que senalar que el estudio cuenta con importantes antecedentes criticos, de manera que se suma a los trabajos pioneros sobre el teatro de autoria femenina--desde la decada de los veinte hasta la actualidad--de Nieva-de la Paz, O'Connor, Ragae Arias, Vilches-de Frutos, etc.
Ragae Dughmosh says many diabetics are able to safely fast and avoid serious health complications.