Rail Fastening

Rail Fastening


a metal element of a railroad track; a joint rail fastening joins rail ends and an interjacent rail fastening joins a rail to a railroad sleeper.

Joint rail fastenings include fish plates and bolts with washers. Interjacent rail fastenings include one-piece, compound, and combination rail fastenings. One-piece rail fastenings attach a rail and the chair. Together, they are secured to the sleeper with spikes or wood screws. Compound rail fastenings attach a rail to a chair usually with clips and bolts and the chair to a sleeper with bolts or wood screws. Combination rail fastenings include elements of both one-piece and compound fastenings.

The selection of a rail fastening depends on the rail type, the freight-traffic density of the line, and the operating conditions. Rail fastenings are standardized in the USSR.


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In this respect, a further joint venture for the production of components for rail fastening systems has been established in China in which Vossloh holds a stake of 51%.
Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has said that a senior delegation has toured the factory of the UK manufacturing group Pandrol to conduct tests and verify the efficiency and the manufacturing quality of rail fastening systems being supplied for the Route 2020 Project.
Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said a senior delegation toured the factory of UK manufacturing group Pandrol to conduct tests and verify the efficiency and the manufacturing quality of rail fastening systems being supplied for its Route 2020 Project.
In this paper, a nonlinear analysis method was proposed to evaluate the serviceability of a rail fastening system on a concrete slab track at railway bridge ends.
The authors have attempted to preparation of a computational model of SB-3 rail fastening using the finite element method (FEM), which would allow a preliminary estimate of the parameters on the base of the designated laboratory tests conducted using actual fastening rails to the sleepers.
Rail Minister Claire Perry was on hand to turn the last Pandrol Clip, a type of rail fastening, which is used to connect rails to railway sleepers.
It also found there was no regular programme to remove corrosion from the track and an inadequate rail fastening system.
* With the resilient ties for ballasted track, rail supporting spring constants decreased to 10-20 MN/m for each rail fastening.
Request for quotations : repair of rail fastening to reinforced concrete crane beams
00 for the production of type iii reinforced concrete sleepers for inseparable rail fastening with threaded fastening of the rail to the railroad tie (subtype sh3-d) in the amount of 40,000 pieces for 2019.
services in leveling and straightening (repair) of the crane track on the overpass (on the street): the length of the crane track is 126 m; rail type - 70; rail fastening to crane beams - by roosters (kerchiefs); span - 23 m; on the crane runway, 2 (two) 10 tonne emails are operated.
be supplied with shoulder ploughs, centre ploughs, brush boxes, rail fastening brushes, conveying systems and hoppers.