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a self-propelled rail vehicle with an internal combustion engine used to make inspection trips and to transport personnel, materials, machines, and instruments during track repair and repair of other railroad installations.

Railcars are divided, according to their function, into passenger and freight railcars and, according to weight, into dismountable (up to 300 kg) and nondismountable (up to 50 tons). Railcars may be equipped with revolving cranes, installation derricks, and measuring instruments. One or two flat cars or ordinary railroad cars may be attached to a rail-car. In the USSR dismountable railcars have engines rated at 7–18 kW (about 10–25 horsepower) and transport four to six people and about 50 kg of freight; nondismountable rail-cars have 75–185 kW (about 100–250 horsepower) and transport 20–30 people or 5–6 tons of freight.


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When asked about the company's recent acquisition of the manufacturing business of railcar builder American Railcar Industries (ARI) from ITE Management, Roberts said that the transaction provides GBX with a new customer base due to the increased product offering and expands its manufacturing footprint into the Midwest (Arkansas and Missouri).
The boxcars segment as compared to other railcar types is expected to witness the highest revenue growth, accounting for a value of over US$ 900 Mn by the end of 2022.
Backlog as of June 30, 2019 totaled 1,121 railcars with an aggregate value of approximately $96 million
Greenbrier adds two railcar manufacturing facilities in Paragould and Marmaduke, Arkansas, as well as manufacturing and administrative employees in St.
The $1.6 billion project will see 102 new railcars (17 six-car sets) built to service the new METRONET projects as they come online.
Those operations build hopper car outlets, tank car valves, axles, castings and railcar running boards, among other ancillary railcar products.
The sale of 1,946 railcars has been completed, and a remaining 200 railcars are currently being manufactured.
Mianwali Railcar will run between Rawalpindi and Kundian via Mianwali whereas the Rawalpindi Express will run between Lahore and Rawalpindi via Chaklala.
Mianwali Railcar will consist of 9 coaches, which have been made in Islamabad Carriage Factory at a cost of Rs 8.
Firstly, by deciding the railcar assignment, we try to reduce the rehumping operations and coupling operations.
For railcars crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, CSX said it may charge a new fee of $200 per railcar for incomplete or erroneous customs documentation or data, and $25 per railcar for paperwork and processing.
In September of 2015, a group of 10 leading food and beverage companies got together for three days to discuss improvements to managing and utilizing their private railcar fleets.