Railroad Station

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Railroad station

The structure where a train stops to load and unload passengers or freight; types range from a simple platform at grade to a large building with access to multiple raised covered platforms, which includes additional functions in the terminal itself.
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Railroad Station


a basic operating enterprise in rail-road transportation, with a developed track system and facilities and installations for organizing the hauling of passengers and freight. Trains are received and dispatched; passengers are served and freight and baggage are loaded, un-loaded, and issued; and, where the track arrangement is more extensive, trains are assembled, separated, and sorted. At the beginning of the 1970’s there were about 11,000 railroad stations in the USSR, including sidings and passing points.

Depending on the nature of work done, railroad stations are divided into intermediate, sector, sorting, freight, and passenger stations; in terms of volume and variety of work done, they are divided into unclassified stations (with a large volume of operations and high level of mechanization) and stations of the first to fifth classes. The installations and equipment of railroad stations include track and switches; terminals and service and technical buildings; passenger and freight railroad platforms; pedestrian overpasses; warehouses and loading-unloading areas; mechanical equipment and equipment for commercial operations, service to passengers, and baggage handling; the equipment of gravity yards; equipment for station signals, centralization, and block signaling; various types of communications; and electric lighting facilities. Railroad stations usually are built on a flat area and on a straight section of track. In special cases they can be built on grades not to exceed 0.0015. Railroad tracks at stations are subdivided into station tracks and special-purpose tracks. Railroad stations situated in areas where two or more railroad lines cross or join form a railroad junction (including the connecting lines of the junction).

Technological processes are being worked out for large stations to perform all jobs in the minimum of time on the basis of the scientific organization of labor and the application of advanced methods and the maximum utilization of technical facilities. Work at railroad stations is organized in accord with the Statute on Railroad Stations.


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The lime mortar samples from Los Huertos Street and from the Railroad Station have comparable concentrations in almost all the measured trace elements.
The blockade of the railroad station delayed by 15 minutes the train departing for the northeastern city of Dobrich.
He added that 10 of the activists were protesting at the Egypt Railroad Station and two at the Sidi Gaber station and all had been released.
If all goes as planned, the present Niagara Falls passenger railroad station in a somewhat isolated section off Lockport Road near 27th Street would be abandoned, and passenger train operations would be moved to the second story of the restored Customs House.
While he did not talk about the poster, which was displayed in a railroad station in New York City during World War II, his peers, who were an eclectic group of senior NCOs, mentioned how he was selected and was the model.
Nine different shirts have the society's name on the front and screened designs on the back including an 1895 print of Buffalo Bill Cody driving the Old Deadwood Coach into Concord; an 1885 picture of the Boston & Maine railroad station; a picture of a farmer with his cow emblazoned the dubious moniker of "Cow Hampshire"; and the venerable Old Man of the Mountain in a 1919 image.
Brookfield proposes spending $50 million to extend the local commuter rail and build a railroad station with a parking deck; $80 million for three new roads and the widening of one existing road throughout the 1,500-acre property; and up to $100 million to rebuild the I-66/Route 29 interchange, which includes building overpasses over an active rail line and a major local road.
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It will also include a superhighway and a railroad station. It will be a long-term project and is planned to be financed and sub-contracted, making it a self-financing, cost-recovery project;

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