Rainalducci, Pietro

Rainalducci or Rainallucci, Pietro

(pyĕ`trō rīnäldo͞ot`chē, rīnäl-lo͞ot`chē), d. 1333, Italian churchman (b. Corvaro, near Rieti), antipope (1328–30) with the name Nicholas V. Having separated from his wife, he became a Franciscan (1310) and was made a penitentiary in Rome. In 1328, Holy Roman Emperor Louis IVLouis IV
or Louis the Bavarian,
1287?–1347, Holy Roman emperor (1328–47) and German king (1314–47), duke of Upper Bavaria. After the death of Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII the Luxemburg party among the electors set aside Henry's son, John of Luxemburg,
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 in his struggle with Pope John XXII (at Avignon) invaded Italy and took Rome; he declared the pope deposed for heresy and set up Pietro instead. Within a year Pietro found his position untenable, and in 1330 he made submission to the pope, who pardoned him and kept him an honorable captive in the papal palace at Avignon thereafter.
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