Rainbow Division

Rainbow Division,

nickname of the 42d Division of the U.S. army. The first U.S. combat division to arrive in France in World War I, it participated in the second battle of the Marne, fought in the counteroffensive at Château-Thierry, and spearheaded attacks at Saint-Mihiel and in the Meuse-Argonne sector. Throughout the war the division suffered heavy losses. It later became a part of the National Guard.


See H. J. Reilly, Americans All—The Rainbow at War (1936).

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By the end of 1917, only four of the 24 divisions that Pershing had promised the Allies were complete, and the Rainbow Division was one of them.
A Rainbow Division Lieutenant in France: The World War I Diary of John H.
After the US entry in World War I, he helped to organize the 42nd Rainbow Division and led the unit as its chief of staff when it was sent to France in October, 1917.
Two years later, MacArthur was commanding the Rainbow Division in France where he earned seven Silver Stars for courage and bravery in leading his troops in battle against the Germans, while Roosevelt was serving as President Wilson's assistant Secretary of the Navy.
As of 2007, 67 percent of Rainbow Division soldiers are located in New York and New Jersey.
Indianapolis native Kniptash (1897-1987) served as radio operator with the Headquarters Company of the 150th Field Artillery of the 42nd Infantry Division, the famed Rainbow Division.
He fought bravely in Mexico during our incursion to capture Pancho Villa, heroically commanded the famous Rainbow Division in the First World War, served brilliantly as superintendent at West Point in the 1920s, became the youngest Chief of Staff of the Army, commanded U.
I'm told that the Task Force Liberty includes the Rainbow Division that broke [Cheers] I was told right.
Jarrett began his military career as a second lieutenant in August 1917, assigned to the 166th Infantry's 42nd Rainbow Division.
entry in World War I, helped to organize the 42d Rainbow Division, then served as that unit's chief of staff when it went to France (October 1917); with the 42d at Aisne-Marne (July 25-August 2); commanded a brigade at Saint-Mihiel (September 12-17) and Meuse-Argonne (October 4-November 11, 1918); commanded the 42d division in the "race to Sedan" (November 6-11); served in occupation of Germany until return to the United States (April 1919); superintendent of West Point (1919-1922); served as a major general in the Philippines (October 1922-January 1925), served on the court-martial of Gen.
Army Reserve, Goff served as a Captain in the Military Police Corps and was on the command staff of the Rainbow Division of the New York National Guard during the violent riots that followed the New York City blackout in the summer of 1977.
85% of distributable cash interest of IMC-Agrico from IMC to FRP following the merger; (ii) changes to certain IMC-Agrico governance procedures; (iii) the modification of certain product pricing and sourcing provisions with respect to transactions between IMC-Agrico and affiliates of IMC and (iv) the establishment of criteria under which certain acquisitions by IMC's Rainbow Division or Vigoro's FARMARKETs Division would not be required to be offered to IMC-Agrico.

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