Rainer Arlt

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Arlt, Rainer


Born Jan. 20, 1928. German scholar specializing in law, professor, rector of the W. Ulbricht Academy of State and Legal Sciences (GDR). Arlt’s basic works are in the area of land law and law governing agricultural cooperatives.


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In Russian translation:
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Preliminary analysis of data from 107 observers in 27 countries by Rainer Arlt of the International Meteor Organization confirms both those predictions.
This file can be imported directly into other software for further analysis, such as Rainer Arlt's Radiant, to study the activity of known or unknown meteor showers.
The 1998 shower has been analyzed in great detail by Rainer Arlt of the IMO and five colleagues in Monthly Notices for September 21, 1999, page 887.
Rainer Arlt of the International Meteor Organization (IMO) notes, "I received hundreds of observing reports from experienced meteor observers, which allow a very good reproduction of the actual activity.
Write to Rainer Arlt, Berlinerstrasse 41, D-14467, Potsdam, Germany, or send e-mail to visual@imo.net.
According to Rainer Arlt of the International Meteor Organization, cloudy weather spoiled the second peak's recurrence for many Continentals, but a few still logged ZHRs well over 100 near the predicted maximum.