Rainforest Action Network

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Rainforest Action Network (RAN)

Address:221 Pine St, Fifth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104

Web: www.ran.org
Established: 1985. Description:Works to protect tropical rainforests and humans living in and around those forests through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action. Dues: $35/year.
Publications: World Rainforest Report (quarterly); free to members.

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Brune: I have, as executive director of Rainforest Action Network. I was here for a number of different things - working to stop what was then TXU's proposal to build a slew of coal plants [and] also working on a couple of other unrelated issues.
For more information about Rainforest Action Network, visit www.ran.org.
"I wouldn't say what the Rainforest Action Network is doing is new--there are groups who have protested actions outside companies for many years," says Meg Voorhes, Director of Social Issues Service at Institutional Shareholder Services.
The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) had targeted it for selling wood from illegally cut rainforests and old-growth forests.
The Jumpstart Ford Campaign, a partnership between Global Exchange, Rainforest Action Network and Ruckus Society working to "end America's oil addiction and to stop global climate change by convincing the auto industry to dramatically improve fuel efficiency and to eliminate greenhouse gases from its fleet by 2020," recently announced the release of videos recorded by car buyers at Ford dealerships in Bloomington, IN and Houston, TX documenting their experiences in light of the automaker's latest round of television advertisements hyping its new hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) offerings.
Global Exchange, which launched the Jumpstart Ford campaign in 2003 with the Rainforest Action Network, has been calling on Ford to commit to improve its fleetwide fuel efficiency to 50 mpg by 2010 and eliminate tailpipe emissions by 2020.
Tom Stephens, Boise chairman and CEO, made the commitment at a meeting he initiated with the Rainforest Action Network to get input on Boise's environmental policy.
The forest industry's image was also damaged when two leading environmental organizations, Greenpeace and the Rainforest Action Network, accused America's largest building products distributor, BlueLinx (a former division of Georgia Pacific), of smuggling undocumented timber out of Indonesia's critically endangered rainforests.
Fox's page supports Parkinson's research; Chris Noth's features the Rainforest Action Network.
Rainforest Action Network 221 Pine Street, 5th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104 E-mail: rainforest@ran.org www.ran.org
When Hannah McHardy, 18, moved from Arkansas to Seattle in 2003, she was so inspired by the forests of the Pacific Northwest that she joined the Rainforest Action Network, an environmental group that opposes the logging of old-growth forests.
"We view corporate campaigns as an end run around political systems, where government action hasn't kept pace with the destructive effects of corporate behavior," says Jennifer Krill, a campaigner at the Rainforest Action Network, a leading group in the Ford campaign.