rainwater pipe

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downspout, conductor, downcomer, downpipe, leader, rain leader, rainwater pipe

A vertical pipe, often of sheet metal,
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Other plans include replacing rainwater pipes, as the current ones are problematic and have caused flooding in the past and planting trees.
1 LEAKING high-level gutters and/ or rainwater pipes - these are a common cause of low dampness in walls, especially in solid external walls.
5: Use a hand mirror to look behind rainwater pipes for splits and cracks in old cast iron and aluminium.
Use a hand mirror to look behind rainwater pipes as splits and cracks in old cast iron and aluminium often occur there and are not easily noticed ?
As residents grumble about the disruptions to their daily lives, government officials are investing billions of dollars in massive public works projects: building ring highways, widening roads and alleyways, laying more than 50 miles of sewage and rainwater pipes, landscaping the city's myriad canals, renovating and building housing complexes and breaking ground on the first of four planned light rail and subway lines.
The scale of most of the selection allows a thorough inspection of some of the smallest details, sometimes even of the rainwater pipes, witho ut losing sight of the building as a whole.
It was blowing a gale and the flames scorched the eaves of the house and the heat buckled the rainwater pipes.
160 m Dirt and rainwater pipes Cast iron, DN 50 - 125 11 St Roof and emergency Roof drains DN 100 approx.
Guttering and rainwater pipes has all been renewed, flat-roofed sections re-roofed and external cladding replaced.
Stone Technical Services is working with a range of ecclesiastical organisations as they tackle the increasing problem of the theft of lead, copper and stainless steel roof coverings, roof-flashings, copper lightning conductors and lead rainwater pipes.
These tubes look more like a plastic rainwater pipes than part of a military weapon, especially on the old field guns with their large-diameter carriage wheel I am sure these appendages were not used when the weapons were first made all those years ago and, as they look so out of place, I am intrigued to know the answer.