Rajk, Laszlo

Rajk, Laszlo

(läs`lō roik), 1909–49, Hungarian Communist leader. After fighting in the Spanish civil war of 1936–39 he was interned (1939) in a French camp for Spanish Loyalists. Rajk returned to Hungary in 1941 and became first secretary of the illegal Communist party. He participated in the Hungarian underground movement during the German occupation in World War II and was imprisoned for a time by the Gestapo. After the war he was made minister of the interior and in 1948 became foreign minister. In 1949, Rajk was accused of conspiring with TitoTito, Josip Broz
, 1892–1980, Yugoslav Communist leader, marshal of Yugoslavia. He was originally Josip Broz. Rise to Power

The son of a blacksmith in a Croatian village, Tito fought in Russia with the Austro-Hungarian army in World War I and was captured by
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 and others to overthrow the Hungarian government. He was tried, confessed, and was executed. In Mar., 1956, the Hungarian government declared his trial to have been in error.


See B. S. Szász, Volunteers for the Gallows (tr. 1971).

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