Rakhim Pirmukhamedov

Pirmukhamedov, Rakhim


Born Dec. 20, 1896 (Jan. 1, 1897), in Tashkent; died there Feb. 16, 1972. Soviet Uzbek actor. People’s Artist of the USSR (1967). Member of the CPSU from 1945.

Pirmukhamedov began his career in 1918, acting in Uzbek theaters in Samarkand and Namangan. In 1930 he graduated from a drama studio in Moscow and then acted in the Khamza Theater in Tashkent. Beginning in the late 1920’s, he acted chiefly in Uzbek films. His numerous character roles included the kurbashi Akramkhan in Ravat’s Jackals (1927), the militiaman Rakhim in The Oath (1937), the Emir’s Guard in Nasreddin in Bukhara (1943), Tabib (Quack) in Journey Without Sleep (1947), the Beardless One in Nasreddin’s Adventures (1947), Ik-ram in The Sons Go Farther (1959), the cook Ibrahim in When Roses Bloom (1960), Giias-Khodzha in Khamza (1961), the Bribe-taking Inspector in You Are No Orphan (1963), and the One-Eyed Emir in A Poem of Two Hearts (1968). Pirmukhamedov received two Orders of the Badge of Honor and several medals.