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Earle or Earl, Ralph,

1751–1801, American portrait and landscape painter, b. Worcester co., Mass. He is purported to have painted four scenes of the battle of Lexington as an eyewitness, but is best known for his portraits, which may be seen in the museums of Chicago, New York City, Worcester, Mass., and Yale Univ. Earle studied with Benjamin West in London, to the detriment of his previously uncluttered style. His later work shows the influence of Copley. Much of his work is characterized by a monumental gravity and directness, best exemplified by his powerful portrait of Roger Sherman (c.1775; Yale Univ.). The unevenness in his painting is sometimes attributed to his fondness for drink, which finally killed him.
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Fifty years later, Stephen's son, Admiral Ralph Earle, would become president of WPI.
Similarly, the extent of Disraeli's reliance on the opportunistic Ralph Earle is an interesting feature of the collection.
will be represented by Ralph Earle II, deputy director of the U.
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His son, Ralph Earle, after a distinguished career in the Navy, was president of WPI from 1925 to 1938.
My uncle, Admiral Ralph Earle, president of WPI, was the main speaker.
One of the speakers was my uncle, retired Rear Admiral Ralph Earle.
My great-great-great-great grandfather, Ralph Earle of Leicester, owned a slave named Sharp.
Ralph Earle, who died in 1939 while he was president of WPI.