Adam's Bridge

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Adam's Bridge


Rama's Bridge

(rä`mə), chain of shoals, c.18 mi (30 km) long, SW Palk StraitPalk Strait
, 40 to 85 mi (64–137 km) wide, between India and Sri Lanka. At its southern end, it is studded with shoal reefs, forming Adam's Bridge (or Rama's Bridge), and by small islands off the Sri Lanka's Jaffna peninsula.
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, between India and island nation of Sri Lanka. At high tide it is covered by c.4 ft (1.2 m) of water, forcing oceangoing vessels to travel around Sri Lanka instead of through the Palk Strait. According to Hindu tradition, the bridge was built to transport Rama, hero of the RamayanaRamayana
[story of Rama], classical Sanskrit epic of India, probably composed in the 3d cent. B.C. Based on numerous legends, it is traditionally the work of Valmiki, one of the minor characters.
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, to the island to rescue his wife from the demon king Ravanna. A proposed ship channel through the Palk Strait and Adam's Bridge has been protested by devout Hindus and environmentalists.

Adam’s Bridge


a chain of sand banks and small coral islands between the Indian peninsula and Ceylon. Adam’s Bridge is the vestige of a land connection which formerly existed between Ceylon and India. It is about 30 km in length. The greatest water depth between the islands is about 1.5 m. A railroad ferry operates parallel to the chain. The name Adam’s Bridge is derived from the legend of the path traversed by Adam when he was expelled from paradise to earth, to Ceylon and from there across the chain to the Indian subcontinent.

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16 ( ANI ): The Centre on Thursday told the Supreme Court that no damage will be done to the mythological Ram Sethu for its Sethusamudram Ship Channel project.
The Centre apprised the apex court that it would refrain from touching the Ram Sethu in the "interest of the nation".
The minister said the government has almost finalised a solution to implement the Sethusamudram shipping canal project without demolishing Ram Sethu, a mythical bridge built by Lord Rama to reach Lanka.
He also noted that retired marine scientists and experts claimed that the project in its present form could lead to an ecological disaster, given that Ram Sethu appeared to protect the southern coats of Indian from the fury of the 2004 tsunami.
This campaign has been launched during Ram Navmi 2013 which marks the 9th anniversary of Save Ram Sethu Campaign.
The case relating to Ram Sethu had come under judicial scrutiny due to a batch of petitions filed in the apex court against the ambitious Sethusamudram project, whose execution allegedly could damage the mythological bridge.
The government in 2007 filed the affidavit as it defends its plan to build a canal through a bridge-like stretch of sandbanks and rocks between the Indian coast and Sri Lanka-a formation variously known as Adam's Bridge and Ram Sethu, or Rama's Bridge.
The case relating to Ram Sethu came under judicial scrutiny due to a batch of petitions filed in the Supreme Court against the ambitious Sethusamudram project, whose execution allegedly could damage the mythological bridge.
Their aim will be to prevent the destruction of the Gulf of Mannar, one of the last remaining intact ecosystems on earth and home to the famous Ram Sethu or Adam's Bridge, a site sacred to one billion Hindus worldwide.
New Delhi, April 20 -- The Central government on Thursday shied from taking any stand on the plea by Janata party president Subramanian Swamy that the mythological Ram Sethu in the Palk Strait be declared a national monument.
On the Supreme Court asking the Centre to specify its stand on declaring Ram Sethu, coming under the Sethu Project, as a national monument, the DMK .
It also directed the government to place on record within six weeks RK Pachauri committee's report on the feasibility of an alternative alignment for the 2,427-crore Sethusamudram project, without cutting Ram Sethu.