Rama IX

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Rama IX:

see Bhumibol AdulyadejBhumibol Adulyadej
, 1927–2016, king of Thailand (1946–2016), b. Cambridge, Mass. A member of the Chakri dynasty, he was at school in Switzerland when his brother, King Ananda Mahidol, died (1946) under mysterious circumstances.
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In this part of the world, proven repeatedly over 60 turbulent years, the undisputed Great Helmsman is a quiet, gentle, wise, vastly experienced man named Bhumipol Aydulet, otherwise known as Rama IX, the ninth Chakri Dynasty King of Thailand.
ALSO known as Rama IX, the King of Thailand (above) has reigned since 1946, which makes him the world's longest-serving current head of state and the longestserving monarch in Thai history.
King Bhumibol, or King Rama IX of the Chakri Dynasty, is the world's longest reigning living monarch.
Thanks to the efforts of King Rama IX and Queen Sirikhit, drug traffickers and paedophiles are today likely to be rewarded with a lengthy stay in Bangkok's notorious prison, the Bangkok Hilton, as it is known.
Bhichai pointed to an overpass at the junction of Rama IX Road and Ramkhamhaeng Road, the site of the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies.
Una decada mas tarde, en 1992, la autoridad ultima del rey en una monarquia constitucional volvio a manifestarse en Tailandia: tras un golpe de Estado que amenazaba con degenerar en guerra civil, la television mundial trasmitio la insolita escena de generales y ministros postrados ante su majestad, Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX, quien, armado solo con su autoridad moral, les ordeno solucionar de inmediato la crisis y evitar que la nacion cayera en el caos.
This was a clever move, and all of his successors have had both their own names and the title of Rama: the present king is Rama IX.
The late King Bhumibol Adulyadejor, King Rama IX, was beloved to us.
King Bhumibol returned to Thailand for good four years later to be crowned King Rama IX.