Rama VII

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Rama VII:

see PrajadhipokPrajadhipok
or Rama VII
, 1893–1941, king of Siam (1925–35). He was educated in England and France. He succeeded his brother Rama VI, and in 1932 a coup forced him to grant a constitution, which allowed for national suffrage and a representative parliament.
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Observamos en el estudio de la segmentacion biliar, que un especimen tenia dos ramas segmentarias V, una drenaba en el conducto hepatico izquierdo y la otra en el conducto hepatico comun; otro especimen tenia dos ramas segmentarias VI, una se unia a la rama segmentaria V y la otra a la rama VII; un tercer especimen tenia dos conductos segmentarios VII, uno de ellos se unia al conducto V y el otro al VI.
In 1932, the military, elements of the civil bureaucracy, and some intellectuals staged a coup against the absolute monarchy (Prachatipok or Rama VII).
The next King, Rama VII (1925-35), further reformed royal rule, shared his power with an advisory council of princes and made improvements in transport, banking, medicine and education.
The setting commences with a coup against absolute monarchy in 1932, the abdication of King Rama VII, the attempted annihilation of Thai royalism, the suspicious death of his successor King Rama VIII and the accession to power of 18-year-old Bhumipol (Rama VIII's brother) in 1946.