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, town, provincial capital, central Iraq, on the Euphrates River. It is the eastern terminus of a highway across the desert from the Mediterranean Sea. The town was founded in 1869. The British won an important victory over the Turks there in 1917.
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, Iraq.
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Al-Tarabsheh region in the Northern part of Ramadi city is now under the Iraqi forces' full control.
(http://news.yahoo.com/iraq-forces-extend-ramadi-control-rescue-civilians-131444173.html) Agence France-Presse confirmed  only that ISIS had attacked an Iraqi army compound Friday in north Ramadi. "They used six suicide vehicles followed by a commando of fighters wearing explosive belts," an unidentified military source told AFP. "They managed to take control of the base when the army had to pull out because it suffered casualties. ...
This victory in the Sunni-majority Ramadi will strip IS of one of its key locations as it represented a key transportation location for the group to move supplied from Baghdad to its stronghold in Syria.
Iraqi Security Forces Drive ISIL Out of East Ramadi
THE fall of the Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday, and of the Syrian city of Palmyra on Wednesday, is a big gain for the Islamic State, but not an utter disaster, as many observers fear.
The collapse of the Iraqi army in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, was in some ways a replay of the Mosul debacle in June 2014.
Al-Abadi had promised he was deploying Shia militia to Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province which lies just 70 miles west of Baghdad.
Daesh on Sunday reportedly overtook one of the few remaining districts of Ramadi still held by Iraqi government forces, security sources told Reuters.
NNA - Thousands of civilians have fled escalating fighting between pro-government forces and jihadists in the Iraqi city of Ramadi over the past week, the United Nations said on Friday.
Summary: Dozens of militants die in two days of fighting in Ramadi as violence elsewhere kills at least 10 people.
Earlier, a security source in Ramadi said casualties from Thursday's suicide bomber attack rose to 13 deaths and 23 wounded.
Doug Kunzman, assigned to Task Force Ramadi, Iraq, recently met with the engineers and operators of three separate Ramadi generator plants, which could provide electricity for a large number of people in the provincial capital city of Ramadi.