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Ramanujan, Srinivasa


Born Dec. 22, 1887, in Erode, southern India; died Apr. 26, 1920, near Madras. Indian mathematician.

Although Ramanujan lacked any special mathematical training, he obtained remarkable results in number theory. His most significant study, written with G. Hardy, was on the asymptotic behavior of the function p(n)—the number of ways the number n can be written as a sum of positive terms.


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Ramanujan, who's credited for his contributions to mathematics, died in 1920.
Agreeing with both Ramanujan and Rayan, this essay posits a struggle between two principles--desire for the Good and desire for the Pleasing--over what constitutes the "truth" of human nature, to be the abstract human theme of Samskara.
to study some cubic modular identities of Ramanujan.
Ramanujan made profound contributions but did not give rigorous proofs.
He was also ranked first among all English-medium schools, and fifteenth on the merit list out of 179,000 students in the state-wide Secondary School Certificate Examinations and was a National Merit Scholar, a Srinivas Ramanujan Math Scholar and an Andover Math Scholar.
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Mae digonedd yn y gyfrol a ddylai fod at ddant pawb hefyd, megis ein ffordd o gyfrif yn ugeiniol yn Gymraeg, dull sydd bron yn unigryw; hanes yr anhygoel Ramanujan o'r India a'i ddarganfyddiadau pellgyrhaeddol mewn mathemateg ac yntau heb addysg brifysgol; a mathemateg y Maiaid.
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