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Ramses I


Rameses I,


Ramesses I

(both: răm`əsēz'), d. c.1314 B.C., succeeded HoremhebHoremheb
or Harmhab
, d. c.1303 B.C., king of ancient Egypt (c.1342 B.C.–c.1303 B.C.), founder of the XIX dynasty. A powerful noble under Ikhnaton, he seems to have been an army commander under the successors of that ruler, most notably under Tutankhamen.
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, the true founder of the XIX dynasty. He died after only one year as king. His son and successor was Seti ISeti I
, d. 1290 B.C., king of ancient Egypt, of the XIX dynasty; son and successor of Ramses I. He succeeded to the throne c.1302 B.C. Invading Palestine and Syria, Seti I reduced them again to tributary status, and defeated the Libyans.
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Murnane recognizes that Ramesses II faced potential competition from the military class because of the precedents established by Horemheb and his own grandfather, Ramesses I. Adroitly exploiting his opportunities in both foreign war and diplomacy, Ramesses II guaranteed himself and Egypt sixty-eight fairly stable years and assured the succession to his own son.
Curators at the Michael Carlos Museum at Emory University say the small, 3,000-year-old shrivelled figure is Ramesses I, who ruled Egypt from 1292-1290BC.
Museum curators say the small, shrivelled figure is Ramesses I, who ruled Egypt from 1292-1290 BC.
The sibling rivalry between Moses and Ramesses is the movie's backbone and brings a touch of humanity to what otherwise would have been an impersonal slog.
Fused with horror lyrically, Ramesses is the flagship of the droning (with expanded elements) psych-doom death fleet of crushing persuasion.