see RamlaRamla
or Ramleh
[Arab.,=sand], town (1994 pop. 57,300), central Israel, in a farming area. Ramla may be the biblical Ramathaim-zophim, but more probably it was founded (c.716) by the Arabs.
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, Israel.
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We staid all night with the good monks at the convent of Ramleh, and in the morning got up and galloped the horses a good part of the distance from there to Jaffa, or Joppa, for the plain was as level as a floor and free from stones, and besides this was our last march in Holy Land.
It said that 25 cancer patients and 17 other prisoners with other illnesses were staying at the "Ramleh Prison Hospital," while dozens others suffer from physical disabilities, paralysis, hepatitis and kidney and heart failure.
Meantime, a Syrian Army military source said that the Syrian Army's air defense systems destroyed a number of bomb-laden drones that terrorists were going to use against the Syrian Army's military airport in Rajab Ramleh in Western Hama.
Hama, SANA-Terrorist groups breached the de-escalation zone agreement again through firing rocket shells on Sunday morning on the city of al-Suqailbyia and Jib Ramleh town in Hama northern countryside.
NNA - "We are committed to the initiative of President Michel Aoun which is being followed up on by General Security Chief, Major General Abbas Ibrahim," MP Faysal Karami said after the meeting of the deputies of the Consultative Meeting at his home in Ramleh El-Baida.
A total of 3,888 identified casualties are buried in the British Commonwealth's Ramleh War Cemetery[DC1] <#_msocom_1> .
Natsheh turned herself in to the prison administration in Ramleh to serve three months in jail following a court ruling.
One of the main landmarks of Mahatet El Raml (Ramleh Station) is the historic tram which transported its first passengers in 1860.
The soldier who executedAl-Sharifwas identified as Elor Azarya, a resident of the poor Israeli town of Ramleh, near Tel Aviv.
Olmert, 70 ans, a la tete du gouvernement israelien de 2006 a 2009, s'est presente a la prison de Ramleh, pres de Tel Aviv, pour y purger une peine de 18 mois pour des pots-de-vin touches quand il etait maire de Jerusalem (1993-2003), et un mois pour entrave a la justice.
Consider the case of Lydda and Ramleh, the twin cities in Palestine lying outside the area designated for a Jewish state in the UN Partition Plan of 1947.
He is listed as having been born in Middlesbrough, the son of Andrew Wylie Richardson and Elizabeth Richardson, and is now buried in Ramleh War Cemetery in southern Israel.