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Packing a powder metal or sand into a compact mass.



(1) A method of air combat used after all ammunition has been expended, in which a pilot strikes an enemy airplane with a propeller or wing of his own aircraft. Ramming was first used in World War I by the Russian military pilot P. N. Nes-terov on Aug. 26 (Sept. 8), 1914. During the Great Patriotic War of 1941–15, Soviet pilots brought down a considerable number of enemy airplanes by ramming.

(2) A combat method consisting in delivering a direct blow to enemy armored vehicles, usually by a heavy-tank body. Ramming was used when it was impossible to destroy enemy armored vehicles by firing on them.

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Trenchless pipe installation through ramming is a basic process that can have amazing results.
Bentonite or polymer lubrication can also be used to help reduce friction during ramming operations.
According to TT Technologies pipe ramming specialist Mike Schwager, several options are available for ramming various lengths of pipe.