Ramos, Graciliano

Ramos, Graciliano

(räm`ŏs), 1892–1953, Brazilian novelist. His work is marked by psychological analysis and focuses on social problems in rural districts of NE Brazil.


See his novel São Bernardo (1934, tr. 1975) and his memoir Childhood (1949, tr. 1979); study by C. de Oliveira (1988).

Ramos, Graciliano


Born Oct. 27, 1892, in Quebrangulo, in the state of Alagoas; died 1953 in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian writer. Member of the Communist Party of Brazil from 1945.

Ramos’ first novel, Caetés, was written in 1926 and published in 1933. In 1936, Ramos was imprisoned during an anticom-munist wave of terror; his Recollections of Prison (vols. 1–4, 1953) was published posthumously. He is also the author of A Journey (1954), about his trip to the USSR in 1952. Ramos’ novels St. Bernard (1934), Anguish (1936), and Barren Lives (1938; Russian translation, 1961) investigate various psychological types engendered by Brazilian life. Ramos introduced social psychologism into Brazilian literature.


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