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the standard monetary unit of the Republic of South Africa, divided into 100 cents


a. a strip or margin; border
b. a strip of cloth; selvage


the. short for Witwatersrand

rand (Brit.)

A border, or a fillet cut from a border in the process of straightening it.
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If reason is serious about becoming a venue for attacks on Ayn Rand, why not hit her where it hurts?
When pressed further on details about his future, Rand laughs, saying it's a question he's been hearing a lot.
Expanding internationally is a key element in Rand McNally Media Services' long-term growth strategy, Thaden said.
Given Iran's sponsorship of terrorism, its pursuit of illegal nuclear weapons and its gross human rights violations, why would Ingersoll Rand sell its machinery into Iran even for benign purposes?
It is a company that fits my skill set, which is managing companies of scale and international businesses, [using] my management skills," explains Rand.
One of the world's biggest printing plants, the 1 million square- foot Versailles, Kentucky, facility will handle the Reader's Digest job, according to Mario Fidanzi, senior vice president, Rand McNally Book Services Group.
We're especially pleased that our channel partner in Europe, Connexion, has achieved a number of key objectives for Ingersoll Rand in one elegant solution," said Krista LaRiviere, general manager, Hot Banana Software, Inc.
While Rand was hardly the first philosopher to advocate an ethos of individualism, reason, and self-interest, no one formulated it as accessibly or persuasively as she did--or as passionately.
Russian Writings on Hollywood'' (Ayn Rand Institute Press, 224 pages; $19.
The Rand World Database(TM) -- scheduled to be completed this fall -- will allow geographic data to be output to film or digital formats for print or electronic applications in desktop publishing, as well as for PC software and multimedia platforms.
Based in Pavlovo (Nizhny Novgorod region), Instrum Rand manufactures pneumatic tool components for export as well as a line of tools for sale in the local market.
conversation between Marge and the proprietor of the Ayn Rand School for Tots, The Simpsons (1992)