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Rand Corporation,

research institution in Santa Monica, Calif.; founded 1948 and supported by federal, state, and local governments, as well as by foundations and corporations. Its principal fields of research are national security and public welfare. Research in national security affairs includes studies in planning, procurement, support and operations of military forces, studies of strategic and tactical forces, command and control, logistics management, and the relation between political and military strategy. Research in domestic problems includes studies in health care, education, transportation, communication, racial discrimination, poverty, housing, and environmental pollution.


See B. L. Smith, Rand Corporation (1966).

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The report discussing the development of the TRACE Matrix, "Business Bribery Risk Assessment," published by RAND Corporation, is also available at http://www.
The acquisition by Tehran of nuclear weapons will be intended to deter an attack by hostile powers, presumably Israel and the United States, rather than seeking aggressive purposes, the Inter Press Service (IPS) cited a 50-page report by the Washington-based RAND Corporation as saying.
And the way America has RAND Corporation preparing reports, even India needs to have a similar commission of enquiry," said Advani after meeting a cyclist, Vinod Punia, who has come all the way from Mumbai to New Delhi to pay homage to the attack victims.
Create a committee and come and debate us inside the RAND Corporation, and we'll record it and make a tape available for you.
Amadae's account begins with the Rand Corporation and its contribution to public policy formulation through the development of sophisticated decision-making technologies.
Jeffrey Mirel claims that there is no research to support our America's Choice School Design program, citing studies by the RAND Corporation and the American Institutes for Research (AIR).
A recent study published in JAMA, conducted by the RAND Corporation think tank for the California HealthCare Foundation, found health information on websites is generally accurate, but often incomplete and hard for consumers to understand.
Small class sizes in early grades, better academic instruction in the pre-kindergarten years and more money make a real difference, says the study, undertaken by the Rand Corporation, a public policy group based in Santa Monica, Calif.
Authors of a report recently published by the RAND Corporation also address critical infrastructure protection.
Box 2138 Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138 The RAND Corporation is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1948.
Immigrants may be adding as much as $10 billion to the economy each year," says RAND Corporation economist James P.
Lesser, both affiliated with RAND Corporation, have now composed what is easily the most substantial and empirically grounded study of this entire question.