Range of Fire

Range of Fire


the shortest distance between the point of departure and the point of explosion (fall) of a shell (bullet).

When firing at ground targets the following ranges of fire are distinguished: full horizontal range, the distance from the point of departure to the intersection of the trajectory with the horizontal plane through the point of departure of the weapon: aimed range (when firing by direct laying), the distance from the point of departure to the intersection of the trajectory with the line of aim: slant range, the shortest distance from the point of departure to the target (point of impact); and horizontal range, the projection of the slant range onto the horizontal plane through the point of departure of the weapon.

Depending on the position of the target and the relief of the terrain, cases may occur in which different ranges of fire will be coincident and numerically equal. The range of fire is changed during the firing by changing the angle of elevation of the weapon in accordance with a change in the sight settings. The greatest range of fire is achieved using the following angles of elevation: 30°-32° for small arms. 43°-45° for the majority of artillery guns and infantry mortars, and 50°-55° when firing with artillery guns over very long distances (part of the shell’s trajectory goes through the stratosphere).


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