Rann of Kutch

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Kutch, Rann of


the Greater and the Lesser, salt marshes(swamps) in western India and in Pakistan, southeast of the Indus River delta. Area, more than 20, 000 sq km; total length from east to west, more than 300 km; width, 40–80 km. The Rann of Kutch is a flat, low-lying surface with a maximumelevation of 200 m, and it is covered with black silt and salineef florescence. In places there are rises (maximum 465 m) withsteep slopes and sandy hills. During the summer monsoons, theRann of Kutch is flooded by the sea and the Banas and Lunirivers. [11–1647-3 ]

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The huts of the salt farmers were spread far and wide across the vast Rann of Kutch, but we loved the process of reaching out to them," said Isabel Anand, an year 8 student of Cambridge International School and the outreach officer of Green Hope.
The BSF will also take up the issue of intrusion in the Harami Nallah area of the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, smuggling of contraband from across the border and illegal movement of suspects up to the zero line area along the IB in order to facilitate illegal activities.
Set in the Rann of Kutch, "Jal" narrates the story of Bakka [Purab Kohli], who has the knack for discovering water in the desert.
Mr Nayar makes mention of 'mistrust between Hindus and Muslims, absence of secularism, three wars apart from militaristic stances over the Rann of kutch, Siachin and Kargil, and a general hatred against each other' as some key irritants in the peace process.
Or even the salt pans of the Rann of Kutch, to get a glimpse of wild asses.
Armed standoffs and conflict with Pakistan have arisen in 1965, 1971, and have continued as a stalemate since 1997 with respect to disputed Kashmir, Indus River water sharing, and the Rann of Kutch terminus.
9 on the Richter scale with its epicenter in Bhuj, located in the Rann of Kutch on the India-Pakistan border, an area prone to earthquakes, according to Indian seismologists.
The locations and situations are as uncommon as the characters - riots in Ahmedabad, cities in flood, haunted bungalows, marginal tribals in the mysterious Rann of Kutch, small-town festivals with big-city entertainment - for Raza has an eye for the unusual and the unique.
Countless rounds of negotiations have taken place between the two nations but an understanding on a clearly-defined demarcation line in the Rann of Kutch seems to be a far cry.
This alliance will build upon Archean's marine chemical facility, located in the State of Gujarat in the Rann of Kutch, which produces sulphate of potash.
I was a bit anxious as we lifted off the ground but then, it was an exhilarating experience to be in the sky like a bird," said Yewale, speaking on phone from the Rann of Kutch.