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name given to the adherents of an antinomian movement in England about the time of the Commonwealth and Protectorate (1649–59). Its principal teaching was pantheistic, that God is present in nature. The Ranters appealed to the inner experience of Jesus and denied the authority of Scripture. They were accused of fostering immorality and were legislated against by Parliament and vigorously suppressed. They were often confused with the Quakers. In the 19th cent. the Primitive Methodists were sometimes called Ranters.
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For the uninitiated, the Ranters are a traditional music ensemble comprising fiddles, cellos, accordions, flutes and Northumbrian pipes.
St Kilda Tales is the latest show from Ranters Theatre.
Two further weekends of music, entertainment and great food will come later in the month and will feature much to get excited about, not least the aforementioned traditional music ensemble, the Northumberland Ranters, who have become the Festival's resident music makers since it began.
NORTHERN Ireland's radio phone-ins, ranters, ravers, do-gooders and Proms in the Park intellectuals can rest easy.
McKay won the Instrumentalist of the Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards two years ago and has built up a worldwide reputation - with 35 American tours - as founder member of the High Level Ranters.
And this win will most probably bring the "we'll win the Premiership" ranters out from the woodwork.
Manchester United were once close to sacking Sir Alex Ferguson, a year ago West Ham fans were calling for the head of Alan Pardew and this season the ranters and ravers on the radio have demanded the axe for the likes of Gordon Strachan, Alan Curbishley and David Moyes, all of whom are doing rather nicely now, thank you.
To allow such activities to continue only panders to the racists, ranters and bigots.
For a start we must know the degree of literacy we are talking about in that group, before proceeding on to the matter of motive (for example, would those already labeled Ranters read Ranter literature?
The fact that all of this is beamed live across the country on C-Span is embarrassing to many lawmakers, who say constituents always ask them why Congress seems full of ranters and ravers - just like daytime talk shows.
His Ranters & Crowd Pleasers: Punk in Pop Music, 1977-92 has just been published in paper by Anchor, New York.