Raoul Blanchard

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Blanchard, Raoul


Born Sept. 4, 1877, in Orleans; died Mar. 24,1965, in Sevres. French geographer. Professor at universities in France (1906–48), the USA (1928–36), and Canada (1948–58).

Blanchard was an active member of the French Academy of Social and Political Sciences. He founded the journal Revue de géographie alpine. His main works were devoted to studies of the Alps, Flanders, Canada, Southwest Asia, and Corsica.


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Si le medieviste Papillon lui inspira une pedagogie ancree dans le present, il aura retenu de Raoul Blanchard les vertus de l'observation directe et de Maurice Seguin l'importance d'enseigner une demarche plutot qu'un contenu.
Raoul Blanchard, Montreal: equisse de geographie urbaine, edition preparee et presentee par Gilles Senecal.
Gilles Senecal presents here, with an introduction, the classic 1947 study of the geographer, Raoul Blanchard. For those unable to find copies of the original, this republication provides an even improved alternative.