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see RafaRafa
or Rafah
, town in the present Gaza Strip on the Egyptian border. The ancient name was Raphia. There in 217 B.C., Ptolemy IV defeated Antiochus III.
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see raffiaraffia
or raphia
, fiber obtained from the raffia palm of Madagascar, exported for various uses, such as tying up plants that require support, binding together vegetables to be marketed, and weaving baskets, hats, and mats.
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an ancient city near the modern city of Gaza. In 217 B.C., during the dynastic wars of the Diadochoi, a battle took place near Raphia between the Syrian army of Antiochus III (62,000 infantry, 6,000 cavalry, and 102 war elephants) and the Egyptian army of Ptolemy IV (70,000 infantry, 5,000 cavalry, and 73 war elephants). Early in the battle, the Syrians overran the left flank of the Egyptian troops, and the Egyptians overran the left flank of the Syrian troops. Later, however, the Egyptian phalanx routed the center of the Syrian army, which fled in disorder. The Syrians lost 10,000 killed and 4,000 captured, and the Egyptians suffered more than 2,000 killed. Egyptian troops occupied a number of cities in Syria and Phoenicia.



a genus of plants of the family Palmae. The palms have one or numerous trunks and reach a height of 9–12 m. The pinnate fronds are 15–20 m long. The inflorescences are large (4–5 m across) and ramose, and they bear pistillate and stami-nate flowers. The fruits have a fibrous covering. After fruiting, the plant dies.

There are approximately 30 species of Raphia, distributed in tropical Africa, on Madagascar, on the Mascarene Islands, and in South America. The fronds and their stalks of all species contain a strong fiber (piassava), from which brushes and various wicker items are made. Fiber from the fronds of R. vinifera, R. text His, and R. ruffa is used for making industrial textiles; it is also used as a binding material in horticulture.

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, raphia
1. a palm tree, Raphia ruffia, native to Madagascar, that has large plumelike leaves, the stalks of which yield a useful fibre
2. the fibre obtained from this plant, used for tying, weaving, etc.
3. any of several related palms or the fibre obtained from them
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In contrary, species such as Raphia hookeri and Ficus spp showed higher importance values in the high pressure stand.
* BRIGHTEN things up when the sun goes down with B&Q's Raphia party light set, pounds 11.98.
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Egide Karafifi, the head city official in Kirumba, told the AFP news agency that the attackers were wearing civilian clothes, had raphia palm coverings on their heads and were singing Mai-Mai songs.
The lagoon is surrounded by large areas of swamps covered with vegetation among which the Raphia palm (Raphia sudanica), the African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis), and the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) are dominant (FAO, 1969).
As well as running the largest Virgin business-to-business brand, Mark also juggles the challenges that come with being the dad to three teenage children and the owner of a rather mischievous golden retriever call Raphia.
Also discovered was the base of a granite statue of a senior official during the rule of King Ptolemy IV (205-222 BC) which was believed to have been made to celebrate Egypt's victory over the Greeks during the battle of Raphia in 217 BC.
Studies of anti-corrosive effect of Raphia hookeri exudates gum--halide mixtures for aluminium corrosion in acidic medium.