Rapid Application Development

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Rapid Application Development

(RAD) A loose term for any software life-cycle designed to give faster development and better results and to take maximum advantage of recent advances in development software.

RAD is associated with a wide range of approaches to software development: from hacking away in a GUI builder with little in the way of analysis and design to complete methodologies expanding on an information engineering framework.

Some of the current RAD techniques are: CASE tools, iterative life-cycles, prototyping, workshops, SWAT teams, timebox development, and Re-use of applications, templates and code.

RAD at BSO/Den Haag.

["Rapid Application Development", James Martin].
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(1) (Rapid Application Development) Developing systems incrementally and delivering working pieces every three to four months, rather than waiting until the entire project is programmed before implementing it. Over the years, many information projects have failed, because, by the time the implementation took place, the business had changed.

RAD employs a variety of automated design and development tools, including CASE, 4GLs, visual programming and GUI builders, all of which help create prototypes and running applications faster than by coding program statements a line at a time. The term was coined years ago by industry guru James Martin and focuses on personnel management and user involvement as much as on technology. Joint application development is another RAD concept (see JAD).

The term is also used in a more general way to refer to an environment that produces applications quickly and efficiently.

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10 ( ANI ): Computer technology MNC Oracle noted that Indian developers are increasingly inclined to open, container native technologies for rapid application development and deployment.
It was meant to be faster and incorporate change better than even Iterative or Rapid Application Development. This resulted in the publication of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.
One modern approach to building multi-platform apps is to adopt the Rapid Application Development (RAD) process.
The emergence of cloud computing in tandem with the new generation of rapid application development tools is reducing the cost of customised software, enabling it to be delivered via the flexible usage base payment model, thus making it available to a new marketplace.
Software house Novell Inc (Nasdaq: NOVL) today announced the release of its Mono Touch 2.0 rapid application development environment, designed to provide application developers with a solution enabling development for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices using Microsoft's .NET framework, including C# and other .NET programming languages.
In addition, Lotus intends to partially pull back the covers on Notes 9 (Lotus Next), introduce to users new ways to acquire 8.5x versions of the software and show users that Domino has a future as IBM's marquee rapid application development platform.
As a rapid application development solution, MiNetConnect provides a direct link between SAP and mobile or fixed scanning devices to capture, validate, and process transactions faster, in real-time and with increased accuracy and system reliability.
The web-based JAATT Management System designed by the SAIC Software Engineering Team in support of the 618 Tanker Airlift Control Center Technology Division Rapid Application Development Office, 618 TACC Mission Support Directorate, significantly improved the scheduling and execution of airborne training for troops and loadmasters, directly and positively impacting the ability of the United States to promote peace and deliver humanitarian aid throughout the world.
After an introduction to ADO.NET programming, sections cover using data sources and datasets for rapid application development, three-layer Windows Forms applications, using LINQ, and using the Entity Framework.
That's why "Murach's ADO.NET 3.50 And The Entity Framework With VB 2008", expertly compiled and deftly written by Anne Boehm, is such an invaluable do-it-yourself training manual and reference work Readers will learn how to utilize data sources and datasets for rapid application development of Windows Froms applications; build 3-layer applications by writing reusable, maintainable, and scalable ADO.NET code; fully exploit LINQ to query datasets and work with SQL Server and XML data; and effectively explore an entity framework allowing the mapping of business objects to database objects through employing an Entity Data Model.
For our lessons we developed software which can be used to control Lego robots with programs written in C/C++ and also with applications developed in rapid application development system Control Web.

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