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Although this magnet scrap contains about 29% neodymium (by weight), the rare-earth element is valued at $30 per kilogram (or just slightly less per ounce than the price of silver), so it's worth recovering.
China is now the world's main supplier of rare-earth elements, which are minerals that play a critical role in making products from basic communication devices to high-tech military weaponry.
Chinese officials also suggested the possibility of banning exports to Japan of rare-earth elements - raw materials crucial for many Japanese manufacturing processes - and appear to have done so informally.
In rare-earth elements, ARS scientists John Zhang, a hydrologist, and Mark A.
Today, "interest is evolving into the platinum-group elements, including diamonds and rare-earth elements used in high-tech (applications).
Formerly Colorado Rare Earths, Inc, the company holds over 16,000 acres of mining claims for rare-earth elements in Colorado, Idaho and Montana.
the Company holds over 12,000 acres of mining claims for rare-earth elements in Colorado, Idaho and Montana.
As reported by The Wall Street Journal, "the concern over supplies of so-called rare-earth elements was highlighted this week by a report that Chinese customs officials had blocked exports of the materials to Japan.
Moreover, slivers on the east side of the belt of ocean crust contain more light rare-earth elements than those on the west.
Specialists in the field had generallyexpected that these materials, which are ceramic compounds of copper oxide with rare-earth elements, would have the capacity to stand very high currents.