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Ras Shamra:

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, ancient city, capital of the Ugarit kingdom, W Syria, on the Mediterranean coast N of modern Latakia. Although the name of this city was known from Egyptian and Hittite sources, its location and history were a mystery until the accidental discovery (1928) of an ancient
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Ras Shamra


a hill 12 km north of Latakia, Syria. Excavations were conducted by French archaeological expeditions from 1929 to 1939 and from 1948 to 1963. Archaeologists unearthed the remains of settlements dating from the seventh or sixth millennium B.C. to the fifth to third centuries B.C., including the ancient city of Ugarit. A palace complex, temples, archives and libraries containing cuneiform documents, and many artifacts were found in Ugarit.

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Hittite imperial verdicts addressed to the two kings are RS 18.06-RS 17.365 = PRU IV, 137-38; RS 17.082 = PRU IV, 147-48; and RS 1957.1 in Lauren Fisher, The Claremont Ras Shamra Tablets (Rome: Pontificium Institutum Biblicum.
The Legacy of Canaan: The Ras Shamra Texts and Their Relevance to the Old Testament.
The uninscribed liver models (RS 24.310, 24.311, 24.312, 24.313, 24.314, 24.315, 24.316, 24.317, 24.318, 24.319, 24.320, 24.321, 24.320, 24.321, 24.322, 24.323, 24.325, 24.326, and 24.327, all found in the "fosse") are also functional magical instruments; further models of this type have been found elsewhere at Ras Shamra. (30) The very significant aspect here is that the four inscribed liver models carry the name of the beneficiary of the particular instance of divination praxis as well as the occasion or subject of the consultation.
Sites discussed include Sidon, Byblos, Kamid el-Loz, Tell Mishrifeh/Qatna, and Ras Shamra and Ras Ibn-Hani.
Lattakia, SANA- Member of the French civil society delegation, concluded the activities of its one week visit in Syria by visiting on Saturday a number of archaeological tourist sites in Lattakia province, including the ancient city of Ugarit and Ras Shamra.
In it she transcribes, translates, and analyzes the divine epithets in the alphabetic cuneiform texts from Ras Shamra and Ran Ibn Hani, along with the entire passage in which they occur in order to provide context.
One of the most famous stories in Ugaritic literature is the legend of Aqht that was found at Ras Shamra, Syria, during the early 1930s.
They were discovered at Ras Shamra, an archeological site located in Syria's coastal area, and are now preserved at the Louvre.
The study of the objects from the palace is part of the program of the Ras Shamra mission to exhaustively publish this important building and its contents (Y.
For his part, Secretary of Aleppo Museum Ahmad Osman stressed that Mari section consists of four halls: Tell Brak, Shagher Bazar, Mari , Hama and Ras Shamra, the latest of which encompasses golden cornice inlaid with precious jewels and a flat seal dating back to 3100 BC.
Ugarit (Ras Shamra), Latakia is an ancient city in Syria.
Such are not unique to Ras Shamra and Failaka, as implied here (pp.