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a city under oblast jurisdiction and administrative center of Rasskazovo Raion, Tambov Oblast, RSFSR. Located 40 km east of Tambov and 10 km from the Platonovka railroad station on the Tambov-Rtishchevo line. Population, 40,000(1974).

Industry is represented by the Arzhenka Cloth Combine, a knitwear factory, a factory producing sheepskin coats, a biochemical plant, the Spetsstroimashremont plant, a leather factory, and a brewery. Furniture and low-voltage equipment are produced. Branches of the Moscow Electromechanical Techni-cum and the Textile Technicum of Morshansk, as well as an antitubercular sanatorium, are in Rasskazovo.

Rasskazovo was founded as a village in 1698 and became a city in 1926.

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