Raster Image Processor

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raster image processor

[‚ras·tər ‚im·ij ′prä‚ses·ər]
(graphic arts)
A computer that accepts digital files and creates a print-ready file.
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Raster Image Processor

(application, printer)
(RIP) A device (usually hardware but can be software) that takes a Page Description Language description of a page and converts it into a bitmap for printing.
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(1) (rip) To convert optical media into a totally electronic format. See ripping.

(2) (Raster Image Processor) The hardware and/or software that prepares data for display or printing. See rasterize. See also image processor.

(3) (Routing Information Protocol) A simple routing protocol that is part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. It determines a route based on the smallest hop count between source and destination. RIP is a distance vector protocol that routinely broadcasts routing information to its neighboring routers and is known to waste bandwidth. It also has a limit of 15 hops. If a route is advertised as having 16 hops, it is flagged as unreachable. All earlier networks (AppleTalk, NetWare, VINES, DECnet) used their own incompatible versions of RIP. See routing protocol.

(4) (Remote Imaging Protocol) An earlier graphics format from TeleGrafix Communications, designed for transmitting graphics over low-speed lines. Using a communications program that supported RIP enabled graphical interfaces to be used on a BBS with respectable performance via modem.
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The subsidiary's site is the only one owned by ANL, and it houses Metro's newsroom, the Evening Standard's circulation department, and a separate polybagging operation.) To achieve uniformity among all the sites, ColorBlind, from San Diego-based Imaging Technologies Corp., is used for creating device profiles at each raster image processor (RIP), with in-RIP separations made for each press.
2.0, raster image processor software (for dual-processor, NT-based platforms), with Optronics' Impression and hybrid screens.
Four new Prima consoles, interfaced with Controls Group digital page packs and Ryco spray-bar dampeners, use raster image processor data to preset the inkers for easier start-up and lower waste.
"Commercial and newspaper are two different markets," said Masters, who noted that, on a monitor for commercial jobs, the system was running a Harlequin raster image processor while the monitor showing a newspaper work flow was running the PostScript interpreter used by many newspapers, 5D's Jaws.
Also new is Agfa's AccuRIP, designed as a cost-efficient PostScript 3 raster image processor to drive its AccuSet imagesetters, with which it is bundled.