rate of fire

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Rate of Fire


the ability of a given weapon to fire a specific number of shots per unit of time (usually one minute).

A distinction is made between the maximum and effective rate of fire. The maximum rate of fire of an automatic weapon (the cycle rate) is defined as the maximum number of shots per unit of time that the mechanism of a given model of a weapon permits. The effective rate of fire is defined as the number of aimed shots that is practically possible per unit of time from a particular weapon when taking into account the time for loading, aiming, changing settings, and so on. The effective rate of fire depends on the maximum rate of fire, the level of training of the rifleman or squad, the degree of automation of loading, and other factors. In view of this, the effective rate is always lower than the maximum rate. The desire to increase the effective rate of fire led to the introduction of automatic weapons.

Table 1. Maximum and effective rates of fire of certain types of weapons
 Rate of fire (number of shots per minute)
Submachine gun..............400–1,00040–120
Automatic rifle ...............400–90040–65
Light machine gun.............500–1,00060–150
Heavy machine gun............600–800150–300
Antiaircraft machine gun.........500–1,00080–300
Automatic antiaircraft gun........200–1,000200–1,000
Howitzer, cannon, recoilless gun ....2–6
Mortar ....................5–25


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rate of fire

The number of rounds fired per weapon per minute. The term is applicable to guns, cannons, and rockets.
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The rate of fire from the SBF should continue at a higher rate until either the breach is completed and the far side of the breach is established or the breach element has placed the explosive charge needed to reduce the breach and returned to their last covered and concealed positions.
Fire intensity assessment requires that the rate of fire spread and fuel characteristics should be known.
Rate of fire (auto): 750 rounds per minute (approx.)
The Mesbah was described as able to pour out 4,000 shells per minute, the same rate of fire as a similar American weapon.
The Bhishma tanks are equipped with 125mm smooth bore gun stabilised in elevation and azimuth, 12.7mm anti-craft machine gun and 7.62mm co-axial machine gun supported with high accuracy sighting systems and also Automatic Loader ensuring high rate of fire.
I worked everything out and came up with a gun, but it tended to jam because it was difficult to control the rate of fire."
1 Tough polycarbonate glass able to resist any major impact; 2 Four cameras monitor four lanes and both sides of road simultaneously; 3 Speed radar detection equipment housed here; 4 Fire resistant body insulates internal electronics against extreme heat; 5 Double flash units provide rapid rate of fire. Flashes are not visible to motorists
It is known as the "spray and pray" gun due to its rapid rate of fire and resulting inaccuracy.
Shannon said the new sprinkler provision is a "significant" step toward reducing the rate of fire deaths in the home.
"He maintained this rate of fire to allow the Colonel to gain control of the convoy and begin its extraction."
Wildfire model is based upon the company's previous wildfire program, and takes into account factors such as fuel, wind, and terrain to determine fire ignition probabilities and the rate of fire growth.
While a longer barrel means greater weight, it also means greater accuracy over greater ranges and a higher rate of fire, Moran explained.