reaction rate

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reaction rate:

see chemical reactionchemical reaction,
process by which one or more substances may be transformed into one or more new substances. Energy is released or is absorbed, but no loss in total molecular weight occurs.
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The illustrated results in Table 1 shows that yield of products are the same as room temperature condition; however, the rate of reactions was accelerated considerably (50-85 min at reflux versus 120-180 min at room temperature).
We might remember from high school days that catalysts affect the rate of reactions but not their equilibrium.
4%) experienced a local reaction that required medical attention, but the rate of reactions was 47.
The higher rate of reactions in patients taking the drug triggered a change in clinical trial protocols, causing the delay to the development programme and raising questions about the medicine's commercial potential.
Given that all the reactions in this class involve species that react in the homogeneous three-dimensional [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 3 OMITTED] medium, the rate of reactions include the product of the concentrations of the two species involved.
This explains all the secondary reactions and also their rate of reaction, which includes a statistical multiplier ([F.
The rate of reactions with the intranasal vaccine is much lower than with injected vaccine, he added.