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, Ger. Ratibor, town (1994 est. pop. 65,300), Śląskie prov., S Poland, on the Oder River. A river port and rail junction, it also has industries producing electrical equipment, chemicals, wood products, and foodstuffs.
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, Poland.
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1570), which is from the Armory of Maximilian Ludwig Graf Breuner, Feldmarschall of the Holy Roman Empire and later belonged to the Dukes von Ratibor at Schloss Grafeneff, at Peter Finer ; and a Carl Faberge Imperial gold and enamel magnifying glass purchased by Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna from Faberge and gifted to Tsarina's sister, Princess Irene of Prussia, at Wartski.
The film also stars Lubna Azabal as Leila, Christopher Buchholz as Le Major von Ratibor, and StAphane Rideau as Francis and is directed by Ismaael Ferroukhi.
He wrote a brief article about the Mother of God Chapel, a Catholic shrine of regional renown located in his hometown of Ratibor (Racziborz).
Report Germany NEATICO continued a great weekend for his rider Andrasch Starke with a decisive victory in the Group 3 Grosser Bombadier-Vossloch-Preis Herzog von Ratibor Rennen at Krefeld yesterday.
In 1997 Dent-Brocklehurst joined the Gagosian Gallery in New York, and after three years moved to London to open Gagosian's first branch there, with Stefan Ratibor.
2) After all, the Duke of Ratibor was an influential and well-known man.
Remarkably, Herbert Hupka, the chairman of the Upper Silesian Regional-Cultural Association and for decades portrayed in Poland as the incarnation of German territorial revisionism, was awarded the Honorary Medal of his former hometown of Ratibor for his commitment to the economic reconstruction of the area.
Ich war in Tokyo und Osaka und Kyoto Floten und Trommeln und fliederfarbener Sand ich war in Sapporo, in Torino, in Rapallo, Genova doch nie in Ratibor, nie in Maribor, ich war auf der Veranda und im Korridor, ich innere Achsenmacht ich war in Tokyo und Osaka und Kyoto in Sapporo, in Torino, in Rapallo, in Genova war in Pistoia, Akita, Matsujama, doch in Orino nie.
On page 237 it is stated that Victor yon Hohenlohe, Duke of Ratibor, was Cardinal Gustav von Hohenlohe's youngest brother, whereas Victor was really the eldest of five brothers von Hohenlohe-Schillingsfurst, a fact made clear by the genealogical table of the Wittgenstein-Iwanowsky family in volume 2 of Walker's ongoing and magisterial Franz Liszt (New York: Alfred A.
Prior Information Notice: Simple landscaping in the cadastral ratibor by henry hradec k.
Earlier this year I visited the former German town of Ratibor - which became Raciborz in southern Poland following the 1945 Yalta Conference to reorganise Europe.