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, city (1994 pop. 125,337), Bavaria, SE Germany, a port at the confluence of the Danube (Donau) and Regen rivers. In English it is known as Ratisbon. The city is a commercial, industrial, and transportation center; its manufactures include electronics, wood products,
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, Germany.
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At a time when chant represented the "absolute correspondence to the Divine idea" Ratisbon was theologically out of step because the reinvigoration of Tridentine reforms only partially responded to the exigencies of divine simplicity.
However, Whitworth did not move straight from the Board of Trade to the Diet of Ratisbon. In 1698 he joined George Stepney in Berlin, and accompanied him to the meeting at Goer between William III and the Elector of Hanover to decide on the peaceful division of the Spanish Empire when her childless king died.
And Etherege, whose work does show an affinity for 'The Last Night's Ramble', was far from London, on an embassy to the Holy Roman Emperor in Ratisbon.
The remaining come from places as diverse as Salzburg, Ratisbon, and Corvey--but all show the unmistakeable influence of the Fulda scriptorium.
Andrea Quercetano curatam ..., 2 vols (Ratisbon, 1777), i.
This one connects the motherhouse buildings: Weber Conference Hall, Madden Hall, Holy Rosary Chapel, Ratisbon House, Regina Residence and the new wing of the health care center.
The Sisters of Sion were founded in Strasbourg, France, in the mid-nineteenth century by two priests, Theodore and Alphonse Ratisbon, converts from Judaism.
His diplomatic career began as English Resident at the Diet of Ratisbon in 1702.
Condemnation of the teachings was secured at three Carolingian councils in the 790s (Ratisbon, Frankfurt, and Aachen) and from popes Hadrian I and Leo III.
Principal battles: Neerwinden (near Liege) (1793); the Pyramids (1798); Aboukir I (Abu Qir) (1799); Mariazell, Austerlitz (Slavkov) (1805); Auerstadt (near Weimar), Golymin (1806); Eylau (Bagrationovsk) (1807); Eckmuhl (Eggmuhl), Ratisbon (Regensburg), Wagram (1809); Smolensk, Borodino, Maloyaroslavetz (near Kaluga), Krasnoye (Smolensk region), Berezina River (1812); and Hamburg (1814).
Pole's ideas had been deeply influenced by the long years that he had spent as an exile in Italy amongst a circle of intimates that included almost all the prominent |advanced' Catholics of the time - Gasparo Contarini, who had urged the doctrine of |double justification' on the colloquy at Ratisbon in 1541; Girolamo Seripando, who repeated these arguments at the first session of the Council of Trent; the humanist poet, Marcantonio Flaminio, the noble patroness, Vittoria Colonna, and her protege and correspondent, Michael-angelo.
Principal battles: Dego, Bossano, Arcole (near Verona), Lodi (1796); Acre (Akko) (1799); Montebello (near Voghera), Marengo (near Alessandria) (1800); Austerlitz (Slavkov) (1805); Saalfeld, Jena, Pultusk (1806); Friedland (Pravdinsk) (1807); Tudela, Saragossa (Zaragoza), Eckmuhl (Eggmuhl), Ratisbon (Regensburg), Aspern-Essling (1809).