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active volcano, East Java prov., Indonesia, rising to 10,932 ft (3,332 m), with a steep-sided, 1.2-mi (2-km) wide caldera that is 1,600 ft (500 m) deep. It is located SW of Ijen caldera. A massive stratovolcano, Raung has frequent explosive eruptions.



a volcano on Eastern Java, in Indonesia. Mount Raung has an elevation of 3,332 m and is composed of andesitic and basaltic lavas. On the peak is a caldera measuring approximately 2 km in diameter and 600 m in depth. On the bottom of the caldera is a small secondary volcanic cone. Eruptions are frequent.

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Thursday due to the spread of volcanic ash from Mount Raung volcano. (Cihan/Xinhua) CyHAN
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