Ravenwolf, Silver

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Silver Ravenwolf. Courtesy Raymond Buckland.

Ravenwolf, Silver (1956)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Born September 11, 1956—a Virgo with Gemini rising and a Sagittarius moon— Silver began to study metaphsyics and alternatives to traditional religions when she was a teenager. She claims to remember wondering, at the age of five, why God was not a woman. In her early teens she received her first deck of tarot cards from an older cousin. Two years later, she was accused of being a Witch by fundamentalist neighbors.

When Silver was seventeen, her mother died of leukemia. This, together with the lack of support her mother received from the religious establishment, prompted Silver to look beyond traditional religion. Her search led her to Wicca. Today Silver is a respected Wiccan Elder and mother of four children, all of them initiated into Witchcraft.

Silver practices what she terms Euro-Wicca, a mixture of Witchcraft and German/American folk magic. She founded the Black Forest Clan in 1991; a large number of covens remain a part of her overall organization, although they do not hive. Silver refers to herself as a Priestess of the Morrighan, reflecting her descent from Michael Ragan's Irish tradition. Michael Ragan, who was initiated into the Saxon tradition by this author, founded an Irish tradition; the line passed to Silver by way of Lord Serphant.

Married to an abusive husband, Silver eventually broke free and is now supported by her current husband, Michael, who describes himself as a Pagan rather than a Witch. He travels with Silver and together they work as a team, taking the word of the Old Religion wherever they can.

In 1993 Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. published Silver's first book, To Ride a Silver


. This was soon followed by To Stir a Magic Cauldron (1995), Teen Witch (1998), To Light a Sacred Flame (1999), and many others. A popular writer with her own style, Silver has tremendous energy and works tirelessly.

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