Raw Silk

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raw silk

[′rȯ ′silk]
A stage in the production of silk from the cocoons of cultivated silkworms when the silk filament consists of 80% fibroin and 20% sericin.

Raw Silk


an industrial thread of natural silk, obtained in cocoon reeling by combining lengthwise several, usually five to ten, cocoon filaments; the filaments are firmly cemented together with sericin. Raw silk must be uniform with respect to thickness, smoothness (the absence of thickenings or breaks on short segments of the fiber), and cohesion of the filaments. Its mechanical properties are higher than the properties of the cocoon filaments: the breaking strength is 15 percent higher and the extensibility is 10–15 percent higher. More than one-half of all the raw silk produced is processed into thrown silk. Raw silk, which is usually produced in crosswound skeins, is used to manufacture dress fabrics, sewing threads, and other articles.

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The World Raw Silk production is about 126995 MT (2009) mainly from two countries, China and India.
The global price of high quality raw silk has doubled over the past five years from $30 to $60 per kilo, due to decreased production in China and reduction in areas for mulberry cultivation.
Welch wore a lemon-coloured raw silk and Chantilly lace gown by Sharon Bowen and said: "It was like walking into one of those weddings in an American movie.
Raw silk filament is imported from Switzerland or Italy, as well as the gold and silver threads that are used for embroidery, he said.
Available at her boutique at Old Eldon Square, her ranges include the Annabel gown in raw silk and tulle, with French lace bodice and bolero.
From 1880 to 1930, more than half of all raw silk production in China continued to be hand-reeled.
Seller is willing to train new owner in the production of acrylic mixed media collage tapestries and involves monoprinting, stenciling, metallic paints, gold and silver leaf and painted papers on raw silk and linen.
A sampling of topics: separation and identification of proteins related to fruits ripening in mulberry; preparation of transparent water-insoluble silk fibroin films, the development of bulky silk knitting fabric, the effect of silk reeling velocity on the aggregation structure of raw silk, students' school uniform based on body height and weight in Liaonning area, androgynous style in fashion, and the flexibility of apparel manufacturing systems.
secrets in your ear the torn edge of raw silk surrounded by rainbows
Together with textile designer Astrid Charska and artist Nicholas Ozgunay, Kaminski hand-dayes all the raw silk and canvas muslin.
From one ounce of eggs come about 30,000 worms, which eat a ton of mulberry leaves and produce 12 pounds of raw silk.
All sumptuous raw silk curtains, luxuriously thick carpet and glistening chandeliers, wall panels roll back to reveal refreshments and accessories.