Raymond Guyot

Guyot, Raymond


Born Nov. 17. 1903, in Auxerre. Figure in the French Communist movement.

At 16, Guyot became a railroad employee in Tonnerre, where he was elected secretary of the local organization of the Communist Youth League of France. In 1921 he became a member of the Communist Party of France, and in 1928, a member of its Central Committee. From 1935 to 1943 he was a member of the Executive Committee and the Presidium of the Communist International for Youth and general secretary of the Executive Committee. At the Seventh Congress of the Comintern in 1935 he was elected a member of the Executive Committee of the Comintern. During World War II he was one of the leaders of the Resistance in France. In 1945 he became president and in 1947 honorary president of the Union of Republican Youth of France. From 1945 to 1972 he was a member of the Politbureau of the Communist Party of France. Guyot was a deputy to the National Assembly (1937–40 and 1946–58) and became a senator in 1959. In 1973. Guyot was awarded the Soviet Order of the October Revolution.