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Worryingly only 10% of people on average who had Raynaud's symptoms - which get worse in the winter - would visit a GP.
To mark Raynaud's Awareness Month throughout February, Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK is calling on those affected to share snaps of their first symptoms on social media using the hashtag #FirstFlare, to increase awareness - which comes after the charity found that only 4% of people were able to successfully identify the symptoms of Raynaud's.
This causes a Raynaud's attack where the fingers change colour typically white, blue, or red and they can be painfully numb, which I always thought was a contradiction of terms.
The symptoms of primary Raynaud's are usually mild and manageable.
Patients with Raynaud's phenomenon are classified into two groups: those with primary Raynaud's with no underlying disease or cause identified; and those with secondary Raynaud's phenomenon, which is diagnosed with an associated disease.
This causes a Raynaud's attack where the fingers sometimes, but not always, change colour from white, to blue, to red.
Raynaud's should be investigated by a specialist so ask for a referral.
None of the women had a history of Raynaud's disease.
Helping others is a big part of my life and fundraising activity for the charity I'm involved in, the Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association, where we raise funds which goes towards further research into this condition and hopefully, one day, a cure.
It's also very difficult bathing her - she frequently has a Raynaud's attack when we try and have a bath, so just simple normal tasks are a real challenge.