Stenka Razin

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Razin, Stenka

(stĕng`kä rä`zēn), d. 1671, Don CossackDon Cossacks,
Cossack settlers (see Cossacks) who in the 16th cent. founded the virtually independent republic of the Don Cossacks on the fertile steppes along the lower course of the Don River. Novocherkassk was their chief town.
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 leader, head of the peasant revolt of 1670. As commander of a band of propertyless Don Cossacks, he raided and pillaged (1667–69) through the lower Volga valley and across the Caspian Sea. On his return (1670) to the Don, Razin rebelled against the authority of the czar. His force of some 7,000 men took Tsaritsyn (now Volgograd), Astrakhan, Saratov, and Samara, and was joined by serfs, peasants, and non-Russian tribes of the middle and lower Volga region. However, he was defeated by government troops at Simbirsk (now Ulyanovsk) and fled to the Don, where the propertied Cossacks delivered him to the government. Razin was executed at Moscow. His exploits have long been celebrated in song and legend.
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Razin said skilled workers need to go through technical and vocational teaching (TVET) that is more creative and innovative.
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In the meantime, the army's artillery and missile units and aircraft pounded ISIL's positions and movements in Araz al-Kara'a, al-Khatib Farms, Sanim al-Qaraz, East of al-Dayatha, Rabat al-Hossan and Tal Razin that is located 15 to 30 km away from villages in Eastern and Northeastern Sweida, destroying several vehicles, military hardware and killing a number of terrorists.
SANA reporter in Sweida said that the air force and artillery on Monday carried out special strikes on vehicles for Daesh terrorists in the areas of al-Waer, Ard al-Karaa, Mazrea al-Hhatib, Sneim al-Ghirz and east of Dabatheh, Rabbet al-Hisn and Tel Razin 15-30 km from the villages of the eastern and northeastern countryside.
In FATA, security forces recovered huge quantity of weapons and ammunition during an IBO in village Nizkan Khel, Razin, Nazar Khel of South Waziristan Agency, Village Kaskai of Lower Dir, village Sirigal of Chitral and various areas of Dara Adam Khel.
AGREEMENT: Faisal bin Mansur Al-Fadil of SCTNH and Hamad bin Mohammad Al- Razin of SJS sign the cooperation agreement.
The plane's passengers included the Russian pop band Laskovy Mai, members of which were returning from touring together with their producer, Stavropol duma deputy Andrei Razin. Razin told RIA Novosti that the plane had been nearly full, but that it had been evacuated promptly.
A common "pro" immigration argument is that an increasing number of agents expands the tax base (Borsch-Supan 1994; Razin and Sadka 1999a; Storesletten 2000).
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